We design and deliver individual engineering solutions that are adjusted to the individual structure, exceeding the common types of bearings by far.

Uplift Spherical Bearings

MAURER Uplift Spherical Bearings enable the transfer and support of vertical compressive and tractive forces without slack and in combination with any rotation and displacement. The uplift forces can also occur with the combination of rotation in SLS case. MAURER Uplift Spherical Bearings are particularly suitable for complex structures with strongly varying loads and deformations, e.g. railroad bridges. As an alternative, all our bearings can be equipped with simple side clamps against uplift.

Surface Rocker Sliding Bearings

MAURER Surface Rocker Sliding Bearings with MSM® are primarily used in building construction. The slide pairing of MSM® and stainless steel allows the absorption of rocking and sliding motions. The high absorption capacity at pressings and the resulting compact dimensions of the sliding surface allow for absorbing the continuous or varying twists that are common in substructures by relatively small deformation of the sliding material.

Shear Keys

MAURER Shear Keys comply with EN 1337-8 and transfer horizontal forces while accommodating for rotations and, if necessary, displacements.

Spherical Segment Bearings

MAURER MSM®/MSA® Spherical Segment Bearings are further developed spherical bearings enabling replacement of roller bearings without time-consuming recalculation of the structure and without affecting the basic structure. Exchange of roller bearings gets considerably more cost-efficient. The structure is brought to state-of-the-art technology in terms of bearings at low effort.

Bearings with Load Measurement

In order to measure load modifications, our bearings can be equipped with sensors to continuously monitor the load. MAURER Bearings with Load Measurement are available as pot bearings, elastomeric bearings or spherical bearings.

Point and Linear Rocker Bearings

Today, conventional point and linear rocker bearings are used for bridge construction only in exceptional cases, e.g. for maintenance works, in architecturally sophisticated buildings, and, from time to time, in steel construction. MAURER Point and Linear Rocker Bearings are available in structural steel quality with CE marking according to EN 1337-6.

Roller Bearings

Today, roller bearings are only used in exceptional cases, e.g. maintenance work, since they can only rotate around one axis. MAURER Roller Bearings are available in structural steel with CE marking according to EN 1337-4 or in a compact design with an overlay-welded outer surface according to the General Technical Approval of DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

Special Launching Bearings

MAURER Special Launching Bearings allow for considerably reduced friction thanks to our special sliding material MSM® and can be directly connected to the launching presses.

Cylindrical Bearings

MAURER MSM® Cylindrical Bearings according the General Technical Approval of  DIBt are primarily used in retrofit of roller bearings. In this case, MSM® Cylindrical Bearings with sliding surface above and below serve the same function as the roller bearings to be replaced. By using our sliding material MSM® in these bearings, all the advantages of modern sliding bearings are used also in this case.

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