Tuned Mass Dampers

MAURER Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) are designed as spring-mass or pendulum systems. The spring stiffness of the secondary mass is chosen in such a manner that an optimal tuning of the main system is achieved. A commonly viscous damping element dampens vertical, horizontal or torsional vibrations. The damping element can also be filled with a magneto-rheological fluid to enable continuous control. For small-sized mass pendulums up to approx. 300 kg, MAURER also offers friction dampers whereby the damping force is realized via friction plates.

Benefits of MAURER TMDs

  • The different mass damper types guarantee the best possible solution to the vibration problem.
  • Optimal design of all mass damper types as a service by MAURER.
  • Vibration measurement on the structure by MAURER.
  • Quality assurance by measurement of the dynamic properties of the mass dampers in the workshop and on the structure.
  • All MAURER TMDs are robust, maintenance-free and long-living (>20 years) thanks to optimal design, precise production and quality control.

Specific benefits of MAURER TMDs

  • standardTMDs: cost efficient
  • foldedTMDs & compactTMDs:
    • significant cost reduction in high-rise buildings due to minimised height of these TMD types
    • optimal frequency tuning in both main directions due to innovative cable fixation tunings
  • controlledTMDs:
    • maximum comfort in buildings through improved vibration reduction of up to 80% compared to passive TMDs same vibration reduction as with passive TMDs but with reduced tuned mass (75% to 85% of nominal tuned mass)
    • reduction of the damper mass by 30% for vibration reduction equaling that achieved by passive mass dampers
    • integrated monitoring of structural vibrations

MAURER offers the optimal TMD with a tuned mass up to 1,000 t for any vibration problem.


Spring-mass oscillator with oil damper for vibration reduction in vertical direction in bridges and floors or pendulum mass with oil damper for horizontal vibration reduction of slender structures.


TMDs constructed by two folded pendulums in order to significantly reduce the required vertical space in high-rise buildings.


Pendulum TMDs with additional inverted pendulum for minimum required vertical space in super tall buildings.


Real-time frequency and damping controls according to the actual frequency of vibration, whereby the vibration reduction is enhanced or the mass ratio can be reduced.

Friction Dampers

MAURER Friction Dampers are pendulum vibration dampers consisting of a pendulum mass and the friction element. The latter is moved back and forth on a steel plate by means of a pendulum rod extended towards the bottom whereby the pendulum rod moves in the guiding hole of the friction element. A great number of steel stacks is equipped with this damper.

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