Research & Development


Material development

  • Sliding materials
  • Elastomers, polymers
  • Fluids for dampers
  • Steel alloys

Product development process

  • Continuous improvement
  • Customized solutions on demand
  • New products

Structural understanding

  • Site knowledge
  • Qualified team of civil and mechanical engineers

Modern development tools, knowledge and permanent in-house education

Verification & Testing

  • Full scale
  • Independent laboratories
  • Deep experience in testing
  • Design and manufacturing of complex test arrangements
  • Dynamic and static tests
  • Standard: AASHTO, EN, BS, etc.
  • Custom requirements
  • Site tests and commissioning of frequency, damping, acceleration, amplitude and efficiency


  • FE analysis of devices
  • Dynamic analysis of structure
    • seismic performance
    • vibration control of tall structures and footbridges
    • cable vibration
  • Support of structural designers


  • Participant and leader in national and international founder research projects
  • Crosslinked to renowned universities and institutes
  • Launch of foundation “Stiftung Maurer Söhne” to promote scientists and scientific progress
  • Participation in conferences
  • Dissemination of scientific peer-reviewed papers

Contact Head Office

Frankfurter Ring 193
80807 Munich
Phone +49. 89. 32394-0