MAURER offers a comprehensive range of services in the fields of building, bridge and machine construction. We offer construction-dynamic analyses, constructional services, structural component inspection, installation supervision and maintenance for your project. Moreover, we give you advice and prepare draft planning for your building project.

Construction-Dynamic Analyses

Construction-dynamic analyses are services for the construction industry. For example, MAURER experts investigate the performance of a structural component or the entire structure under usual and maximum load. Thus it can be determined whether design and construction meet the requirements.

We offer wind simulations in cooperation with our partner str.ucture. We support our customers in finding the optimal form and shape of their building project.

Seismic Analyses

The linear (or modal) analysis represents the most commonly applied method to evaluate the effects (forces, deformations etc.) of an earthquake. The seismic input in this case is the “elastic response spectrum”. However, we can resort to this procedure only if a set of conditions are met. The most important of them being the effective damping ratio must be less than 30% . One of the major drawbacks of the linear analysis is the inability to verify whether or not the isolation system possesses an adequate Re-Centring capability.

With the non-linear (time history) analysis, we can better validate and optimize the structural protection system, taking into account all local conditions. The seismic input in this case consists of a set of ground motion time-histories (accelerogrames). To conduct the non-linear analyses the following data is required:

  • Structural data
  • Earthquake data

The advantages of the MAURER Non-linear Structural Analysis

  • Accurate determination of structural displacements including torsional effects.
  • Accurate calculation of response forces that affect the elements and the structure as a whole.
  • Optimization of seismic protection system in terms of efficiency and economy.
  • Evaluation of considerable structural cost savings based on less reinforcement and savings in terms of steel and concrete.
  • Precise evaluation of actual safety margins within the structure and the seismic devices.
  • Validation of designer’s analysis through the comparison with MAURER’s results.
  • Precise evaluation of the isolation system’s Re-Centring capability.

Consulting & Design Planning

MAURER emphasizes on comprehensive consulting already in the design phase of a building.

Tuned Mass Dampers

Consulting regarding

  • Optimal type of mass damper
  • minimum required mass ratio
  • Planning of the corresponding structural fastening

Non-linear, time-based simulation with wind or seismic excitation

  • Model-based design of the evaluated type of mass damper for given excitation forces through wind and earthquakes
  • Calculation of the vibration reduction of the structure with evaluated type of mass damper in the entire frequency range and comparison with the maximum tolerable acceleration or displacement of the structure
  • Installation of mass dampers and free vibration test as final function check

Structural Component Inspection

Inspecting materials and structural components is an important step in examining manufactured elements regarding full function and accuracy before  delivering them to the customer. This also includes the pre-inspection of supplied components. In many cases even newly developed components need an examination in many cases to determine whether the required parameters can be achieved.

Installation Supervision

According to equipment authorization and ZTV ING, in Germany the presence of a specialist from the manufacturer is required upon every installation of the first bearing of a type and the installation of a bearing for DB projects according to guideline 804. The MAURER engineer supervises the professional transportation of the bearings to the site, the hoisting of the bearings to the installation position as well as the horizontal alignment as well as the correct pre-adjustment of the bearing. For expansion joints, the ZTV ING requires that the installation must be executed in any case with guidance by experienced specialists from the manufacturer (§5.1 (1)).

Constructional Services

MAURER offers constructional services for all their products. For example, we can also do the necessary concrete, sealing and asphalt works for the reconstruction of expansion joints (box-in-box). Comprehensive services – all from one source.


Inspection & Maintenance

The regular inspection of our installed products prolongs the service life because in most cases damages can be detected at an early stage. The MAURER team has specialized in this work in order to identify possible retrofit needs in time and execute maintenance work in a cost-efficient way.


In general, MAURER products have a long service life, even though most of them accomplish hardest work every day. Our range of services include the following services as regards retrofit:

  • Inspections, projecting, comprehensive services in the field of bridge retrofit
  • Maintenance work on bridge bearings and roadway expansion joints of any kind
  • Lifting and relocation of bridges as well as exchange of structural components as complete services


Our MAURER team offers in-house training and training at our customers‘ premises or directly on the building site regarding different topics (product training, installation training). The workshops are conducted by qualified and experienced consultants.