Today, the strength of MAURER is largely founded on the long tradition of the company. Its history started back in 1876 with Friedrich Maurer in Munich – whose business expanded quickly in this early stage of the most rapid period of industrialization in Germany. At the outset, his craft manufacture focused on the forming of sheet metal, but by the late 19th century, it had transformed into a full-grown metal factory. In 1925, MAURER moved to the North of Munich – where it still remains today. At the time, MAURER had already attracted attention with the first steel and bridge constructions.

When Johannes Beutler acquired the company in the 1930s, it became well known for the construction of airport hangars and gates. By the end of the Second World War, a major part of the manufacturing plants had been destroyed or dismantled. However, in the 1960s, the company restored its former strength: it’s specialization in bridge construction proved to be the right path for further growth. In 1993, MAURER started to develop and manufacture roller coasters. The next coup followed three years later: after intense research work, MAURER established the business unit Seismic Devices. After factories were founded in Turkey and China in 1999, additional branches in Russia, France and China were set up until 2004.

Milestones of the company history

1876–1934: Foundation and further development

1876 - On September 19th 1876, Friedrich Maurer opens a small workshop as a metal spinner. In the course of 20 years, a metalware factory evolves from this workshop.

1899 - After the death of the founder, his sons Friedrich and Georg continue business under a new name: Friedrich Maurer Söhne.

1911 - Official registration of the company in the commercial register.

1925 - Move to today’s location. Extension of the range of products. Hall and roof constructions, crane tracks and bridges.

1931 - Johannes Beutler acquires the „iron factory“ Friedrich Maurer Söhne.

1934 - Johannes Beutler purchases the adjacent piece of land thus enabling a considerable expansion of the factory. In the following years, the company starts with structural engineering on a large scale.

1935–1958: Thirties and Reconstruction

1935 - Further development of welding technique enables the construction of gasometers and other receptacles of all sizes.

1937 - The expansion of the air transportation sector causes a considerable boost. Hangar gates based on a patent issued by the operations manager Mr. Dittmann make Maurer Söhne public all over Germany.

1944 - Toward the end of the war, most of the commercial buildings are destroyed in air strikes.

The years from 1945 to 1954 are characterized by dismantling, improvisation and reconstruction.

1947 - First postwar product: agricultural vehicle trailers.

1951 - After Johannes Beutler’s death in 1951, his widow Margarete Beutler continues the business as a limited partnership. His brother Ernst Beutler manages the company until 1958.

1958 - Ernst Beutler is succeeded by notary Paul Bauer and Rudolf Gumberger. From 1958 to 1963 the company is involved in several prominent steel structures in the Munich area, e.g. the reconstruction of the main station, of the Palace of Justice and the National Theater.

1964–1999: Economic Miracle and Growth

1964 - Son of Johannes Beutler, Dipl.-Ing. Hans Beutler, joins the company and takes over the management in 1971.

1965 - New specialty: Watertight roadway expansion joints.

From 1966 to 1973, three new factory buildings and an administrative building are built.

1970 - Foundation of a subsidiary in Dortmund-Hörde.

1973 - Manufacturing of bridge bearings commences.

1975 - More than 60,000 m of watertight MAURER expansion joints are installed in over 3,500 bridges worldwide.

1984 - Introduction of swivel joist joint.

1991 - Foundation of the Bernsdorf works.

1993 - Roller coaster 'Wild Mouse' Munich.

1996 - Beginning of production of seismic devices.

1999 - Subsidiaries in Turkey and China.

2001–today: Tradition and Innovation

2001 - Terminal 2 Munich Airport, steel construction.

2003 - Development of MSM® (MAURER Sliding Material).

2004 - Development of low-noise expansion joints.

2004 - Subsidiaries in Russia and France.

2004 - Development of Sliding Isolation Pendulum Bearing (isolation of buildings from earthquakes, e.g. New Acropolis Museum in Athens).

2004 to 2006 Steel construction and roofing at BMW World Munich.

2006 - Europe-wide approval of MSM®.

2010 - Introduction of MSA® (MAURER Sliding Alloy).

2010 - Subsidiary MAURER India / Sanfield Ltd.

2010 - Development of wave expansion joint XW1.

2011 - Development of MAURER MMBS (MAURER Modular Bridges System).

2012 - Foundation of subsidiary Brazil.

2014 - Change of company’s name from Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG to MAURER AG.

2016 - Change of company’s name from MAURER AG to MAURER SE. Today, the company is owned by the third generation of the Beutler family.