Specials & Add Ons

MAURER offers the following special designs and accessories for expansion joints:


In MAURER Expansion Joints with hybrid profile type SW, the center supports are partly made of stainless steel. In this way, corrosion is prevented in a salt-containing environment. The bottom part of the profile is made of construction steel because it is more cost-efficient and fatigue-resistant.


The integration of a drainage device in the modular expansion joint at its lowest point prevents the accumulation of water on the surface of the expansion joint. The water drains off quickly and the expansion joint remains dry. This results in better roadworthiness and reduced corrosion.

Curved Bend

By using a curved bend, the intrusion of water is better prevented in comparison with an edged junction.

Insulation of Noise under the Joint

The noise caused by crossing a roadway expansion joint is isolated by a special noise reduction system Gu-F underneath the roadway expansion joint. Noise reduction by at least 60% is possible. The system can be retrofitted and maintained without any problems.


The MAURER Modular Bridging System (MMBS) is used for retrofitting or replacement of roadway expansion joints. During the day, this system facilitates the crossing of the construction site. During the night shift, the expansion joint is exchanged while the MMBS is folded up and opened and traffic is rerouted.