Restraint Systems

A traditional method for seismic protection is strengthening the structure by horizontal restraint systems. Due to the strengthening of the structure, seismic-induced loads and energy are more evenly distributed to as many spots of the structure as possible. In this way, significant accumulation of energy at scattered spots of the structure is avoided. We offer the following devices for strengthening:

  • Permanent Restraints: HK, HKE
  • Shock Transmission Units: MSTU
  • Shock Transmitter with load limitation: MSTL

Permanent Restraints

Permanent locking devices are the simplest type of seismic devices, which are in operation in a variety of different designs. Standardization for these devices is difficult, since there are individual requirements for each project with considerable variation. This is why permanent restraint systems are developed in a project-specific way according to customers’ specifications. They retain the structure horizontally in x- and y-direction (HK) or guide to one the two directions (HKE).

Shock Transmission Units: MSTU

MAURER Shock Transmission Units allow for slow relative movements (< 0,1 mm/s) in the building at normal strain by traffic or climatic fluctuation. Only in case of shock load, MSTUs serve as a locking device that blocks horizontal displacements. The activation speed, also called lock-up speed, is between 0.1 und 1.5 mm/s as a rule but can amount to up to 5 mm/s in special cases.

Shock Transmitter with Load Limiter: MSTL

Shock Transmitters with load limitation allow for relative movements in the building structure at normal strain by traffic or climatic fluctuations. Only in case of shock load, they serve as a locking device up to a defined load limitation that blocks horizontal displacements.

Based on the standard EN 15129, the use of MSTL reduces the design force by 26% compared to classical MSTUs. As opposed to MSTUs, the load-carrying capacity of the elements and the structure is increased, since with MSTLs it is made sure that arrangements which are connected serially or in parallel are equally loaded at the same time.