Roadway Expansion Joints

MAURER Roadway Expansion Joints are designed for any kind of traffic and, for example, enable creeping and shrinking movements but also movements due to temperature fluctuations. The road expansion joints bridge the structural gap in a roadworthy way. In case of an earthquake, the roadway expansion joint is adjusted to the project-specific seismic displacement.

Key characteristics of roadway expansion joints:

  • Absolutely watertight
  • Ready for use and load-bearing
  • Corrosion-resistant as hybrid construction
  • Extremely  low-noise design possible
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely high reliability (50 years according to approval)
  • Optimal adjustment to the geometry of the structure
  • High return on investment (from the 9th year on) and sustainability

Single-Seal Joints

MAURER Single-Seal Joints are available in different designs. For all designs, it is distinguished between the two main functions „rigid anchorage“ and „watertight sealing“. This enables the best possible adjustment of the two components sealing profile and edge construction for the connection to the road.

Single-Seal Joints D80, D100

MAURER Single-Seal Joints D80 and D100 are the best choice for movements of less than 100 mm in longitudinal or transverse direction.

The MAURER XW1 Low Noise Single-Seal Joint is based on the proven MAURER principle of single-seal profile expansion joints. The new wave-shaped geometry allows for a reduction of noise emission by at least 40%.

XC1 Low Noise Single-Seal Joint < 110 mm

The MAURER XC1 Low Noise Single-Seal Joint with considerably enhanced noise reduction by up to 60% is designed for movements up to 110 mm.

Modular Joints

MAURER Modular Joints for movements exceeding 100 mm, also known as lamella expansion joints, are the most common roadway expansion joints used in road bridges worldwide. A highly flexible modular system enables adjusting the number of lamellae to the structural requirements.

  • Example: 800 mm structural movement = 8 x 100 mm per lamella
  • Delivery as packet unit ready to install
  • No assembly on site required
  • High time saving and manufacturing quality
  • Simple presetting in the workshop
  • Modifications on site are possible

The girder grid expansion joint enables large longitudinal movements. In transverse direction, the movement is limited to ±20 mm and in vertical direction to ±10 mm per lamella.

The MAURER Swivel Joists Expansion Joint is particularly suited for large and complex movements. Due to the freedom of movement of each individual lamella, total movements of the expansion joint in longitudinal and transverse direction of 3 m or more absolutely can be accommodated.

MAURER Sliding Lamella Expansion Joints are designed for the special connection to the bridge deck. This expansion joint is intended for structures not allowing for standard installation; instead, an existing recess has to be used for installation.

Anti-Skid & Low Noise


A slip-proof (anti-skid) lamella features a special surface treatment of the lamella resulting in higher roughness. The service life depends on the intensity of use (tire wear particles). The coating system can be renewed.

Low Noise

Low noise expansions joints enable a noise reduction by 40%. Moreover, the rhomboid surface is slip-proof throughout the service life.

Finger Joints

Finger joints are welded or screwed according to regional regulations. MAURER Finger Joints are available in welded or screwed design. They only allow for longitudinal movements. Compared to standard expansion joints, a noise reduction of up to 50% is possible.

  • ECO Line (welded design)
  • ECO Plus (screwed design)
  • PREMIUM Line (cantilever finger)