Seismic Joints

MAURER Seismic Joints either accommodate seismic displacement by means of modular lamella systems or by a special Fuse Box System (predetermined breaking point device). With the help of these two systems, damage can be prevented or limited. Roadworthiness and crossing are ensured during and after the earthquake.

  • Immediate crossing of the expansion joint after the earthquake is ensured
  • Limitation or non-occurrence of damages is ensured
  • Fuse Box System allows for a more cost-efficient design of the expansion joint
  • If required, non-occurrence of damages at the expansion joint can be accomplished. All service and earthquake movements are completely accommodated.

Fuse Box for Modular Joints

With the swivel joist with integrated Fuse Box, the expansion joints accommodates all displacements from service load cases, however, not all seismic displacements. In case of seismic closing movements exceeding the displacement capacity of the swivel joist, the MAURER Fuse Box System is activated. Depending on the design of the Fuse Box, the swivel joist moves either vertically or horizontally in a defined range. In case of opening movements caused by earthquakes, the Fuse Box prevents the expansion joint from falling into the bridge gap. After the earthquake, quick and easy repair of the expansion joint and the roadway is possible.

Swivel Joist Expansion Joints of Type DS

MAURER Swivel Joists Expansion Joints type DS are the construction platform for any seismic expansion joint. The swivel joist expansion joint type DS is individually adjusted to the project-specific seismic displacements in arbitrary horizontal direction ±3 m and larger, to limit damages to the structure or to even exclude them (e.g. Charilaos-Trikoupis-Bridge 5 m longitudinal and ±1.2 m transverse).