Quality & Environment

The manifold demands as regards quality, environmental compatibility, and safety in production and processing of our products are – besides economic considerations – important cornerstones of the entrepreneurial action of MAURER.

Quality Policy

Quality and reliability of our products are, among other outstanding product features, the basis of our successful business.  Besides economic considerations, quality and reliability are important criteria in the purchase decisions of our customers.

By acting independently and responsibly, each employee contributes to ensure customer satisfaction with the services we offer. This covers in particular:

  • Manufacturing of products according to highest quality standards
  • Performing services with high customer benefit
  • Professionality and commitment on all levels of customer relationship

We implement the quality policy by applying the following measures:

  • Quality control by implementation of a quality management  system
  • Permanent assessment and measuring of quality
  • Definition of quality aims and improvement measures
  • Analysis of achievements through management reviews
  • Training of employees regarding quality methods and tools
  • Determination of customer satisfaction through customer surveys
  • Executives living up to their role model function

Environmental Policy

Our products, processes and environmental protection are constantly improved by using up-to-date methods and measures. This, in particular, applies to the longevity and reliability of our products, which therefore make an important contribution to resource efficiency.

Furthermore, regarding production we take care that the use of material, energy and auxiliary materials and operating supplies are resource-optimized. We contribute to minimizing energy demand by considerably investing in the infrastructure of the factories and buildings.

In addition, we commit ourselves to:

  • observe relevant environmental regulations
  • concentrate our innovation power and our continuous improvements to meet new environmental requirements

Working Security & Health Care Policy

It is a defined goal of the MAURER Group to ensure that all employees have working conditions enabling them to do their work with the least possible physical and psychological impacts. In doing so, they are obliged to observe and comply with the regulations and procedures of the company.

First and foremost, each employee is responsible for his/her own health. In more detail, we commit to ensure:

  • that all responsible employees, regardless of their position, will protect or, if necessary, improve the physical and mental health of their colleagues or the staff.
  • that management reviews regarding safety at work are conducted and improvement measures are identified and implemented.