The structural rotations are adjusted thanks to an elastomeric pad, which responds with high vertical stiffness and low rotation resistance, confined into a steel pot.

Displacements are adjusted by a PTFE layer sliding on a stainless steel sheet. For guided or fixed bearings, external lateral forces are transmitted by suitable restraints or guides. The durability of the internal seal is a crucial point. Our patented PTFE/carbon internal seal has been tested for 2 km accumulated rotations without wear.

Key characteristics of MAURER Pot Bearings

  • Cost-effective solution for moderate and small horizontal loads
  • Use of highest quality seals according to EN1337-5
  • Service life of 10-25 years
  • Allowable temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
  • Available in accordance with EN 1337-5 and AASHTO



  • A steel pot with suitable connections to the structure
  • An elastomeric pad, which is confined in the steel pot
  • A patented Carbon/PTFE or MSM® seal ensures that the elastomeric pad cannot flow out of its seat
  • An upper steel piston with suitable connections to the structure


  • Steel pot with connections to the structure
  • Elastomeric pad confined in the steel pot
  • Patented carbon/PTFE or MSM® seal for sealing the steel pot to prevent possible escape of the elastomer under pressure
  • Steel plate placed onto the elastomeric pad and confined in the steel pot (lid) with guiding unit for transmitting horizontal forces and PTFE sliding plate
  • Stainless steel sliding plate (sliding partner) with a steel plate (support plate) and connection to the structure

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