Seismic Devices

In the mid 90s, MAURER started protecting structures from seismic damage, and has continuously expanded this field of business ever since. The significance of these products is constantly getting more important – settlement in seismic-prone metropolitan areas is getting denser and buildings are rising higher and higher. Our seismic devices very efficiently prevent bridges, buildings and particularly sensitive installations such as tanks for the storage of liquefied gas from damages. At the same time, our devices minimize the negative effects of normal everyday strain. MAURER Seismic Devices – that means numerous technological and structural engineering in-house developments that effectively protect structures in the interplay between forces and movements through strengthening, isolation and/or dissipation.

MAURER - more than a supplier of Seismic Hardware: Our engineers closely cooperate with architects and structural engineers. In this way, we jointly develop protection systems that make functional, modern and trendsetting architecture possible in the first place. High costs for planning, material, logistics and construction always arise when buildings have to be conventionally stiffened for seismic protection. With a system adjusted to the respective structure by MAURER, these costs can be saved.

Better adjustment through higher variety of components: The more components a planner has at his command, the better his solution can be adjusted. MAURER offers the most comprehensive range of individual components. From these, our specialists develop the optimal seismic device for the respective customer requirements. Our seismic devices include:

  • Restraint Systems: seismic protection through load distribution
  • Isolators: seismic protection through basic isolation and energy dissipation
  • Dampers: seismic protection through energy  dissipation
  • Seismic Joints: seismic protection through fuse box systems