Vibrations, rotations and powerful forces – bridges and superstructures may undergo a turbulent life. MAURER Structural Bearings ensure at any place that these impacts remain as long as possible without consequences. In order to guarantee the quality and longevity of our products, we strive for highest precision, continuous monitoring and close cooperation with the official material testing institutes during the production process.

Bearings transmit vertical and horizontal loads from the superstructure into the bottom structure allowing for rotations and relative displacements where necessary. Depending on their ability to compensate for displacements and transmit horizontal forces, all types of bearings can be divided into:

  • Fixed: The bearing transmits external horizontal forces both in longitudinal and transversal direction, rotations enabled, whereas displacements are not allowed.
  • Guided-Sliding: The bearing accommodates for displacements in one plane direction and transmits external horizontal forces in the other, rotations enabled.
  • Free-Sliding: The bearing accommodates for displacements in both plane directions, rotations enabled, and does not transmit any horizontal forces.

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