For almost 50 years, MAURER has been the market leader in design and production of spherical bearings. MSM® /MSA® Spherical Bearings enable reaching the smallest possible footprint and allow for high rotations at low friction.

A spherical calotte allows for rotation around all axes with low friction. All sliding surfaces are equipped with the high-performance material MSM® . The displacements are achieved via an MSM® layer sliding on a stainless steel or coated mating surface whilst lateral forces are transmitted by suitable guides.

To achieve low friction coefficients, the MSM® discs are provided with dimples storing grease to guarantee a permanent and continuous lubrication of the sliding surfaces, whilst the mating surfaces are finished with the smallest surface roughness.

Another innovation from MAURER, the MSA® calotte (spherical part), is made from MAURER Sliding Alloy. MSA® is a corrosion resistant material and allows reducing the tolerances compared to a chrome machined calotte surface, thus increasing the lifetime.

Spherical Bearings

Key characteristics of MAURER Spherical Bearings

  • Lowest friction (low rotational and sliding resistance)
  • Ideal solution in terms of sliding properties, bearing surface and service life
  • Aging-resistant thanks to the use of MSM®, corrosion-free MSA® and high-quality structural steel
  • Adjustment of large rotations and extreme vertical and horizontal loads without gapping
  • Smallest possible footprint, i.e. high economic efficiency
  • Suitable for a temperature range from -50°C to +70°C, from polar region to desert climate
  • According to ETA-06/0131, EN 1337 or AASHTO
  • Service life of 50 years plus
  • Working in harsh atmospheric conditions
  • Possibility of rotation and displacement presetting
  • Maintenance-free

MSM® - MAURER Sliding Material

What is MSM®?

  • MSM® stands for MAURER Sliding Material. The name is a registered brand.
  • MSM® is a patented, high-performance sliding material for structural bearings, an ultra-high molecular polyethylene (UHMWPE) modified with various additives, featuring enhanced sliding characteristics. In comparison to usual PTFE, MSM® is characterised by substantially higher durability, twice as high allowable pressure and therefore smaller dimensions as well as lower sliding resistance.
  • MSM® does not contain regenerated or filling material or any environmentally hazardous components, like fluorine or chlorine.
  • MSM® is insensitive to chemical contamination and ageing.
  • MSM® is exclusively produced for MAURER products.

MSM® material characteristics

  • MSM® is particularly suitable for high-speed motion, displaying less wear at a 7.5-fold displacement speed compared to PTFE.
  • MSM® can take high loads (in comparison to PTFE double contact pressure).
  • MSM® is suitable for use within a temperature range from -50°C to +70°C (whereas PTFE is suitable only from -35°C to +48°C with decreasing load bearing capacity at temperatures above 30°C).
  • MSM® causes little friction: The design value of friction is < 1.5% at -5°C, < 2% at -35°C and < 3% at -50°C effective bearing temperature.
  • MSM® reaches an extremely long service life (compared to PTFE, 5-fold accumulated sliding displacement without visible signs of wear).
  • MSM® can accommodate for concrete setting and evenness deviations due to its elastoplastic behaviour (whereas rigid sliding materials may lead to local overstress and wear).

MSA® - MAURER Sliding Alloy

The innovation against corrosion of structural bearings

MSA® is an abbreviation for MAURER Sliding Alloy. A new solid material developed by MAURER with a special surface treatment. The sliding material can be used for all kinds of spherical and cylindrical bearings. Its corrosion resistance is the main advantage compared to traditional raw materials. With the new developed calotte (rotation part) for spherical structural bearings made out of the new MAURER MSA®-Sliding Alloy a new generation of structural bearing with properties like corrosion free, maintenance free and with a service live more than 50 years was born. As compared to the hard chromium plated steel calottes, the highly shining MSA®-calottes display a much higher corrosion resistance and are also resistant against aggressive industrial air.

Features of the MAURER MSA®-Calotte

Made out of one solid material element, with special surface treatment, that means,

  • Tolerances reduction on the calotte surface as compared to chrome machined calotte surface.
  • No different materials on the same calotte as compared to stainless steel covered calotte.
  • No chromium-plating , no cracking fissuration.
  • No stress differences on the calotte surface.
  • Minimum life time of 50 years
  • Reduction of surface tolerances
  • Rustless and maintenance-free
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for all climate zones worldwide certificated from -50°C to +70°C
  • European approval with CE-marking

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