Questions & Answers

Questions regarding training at MAURER SE

When does training start?

In general, our training programs start on September 1st.

How long in advance should I apply for a trainee position?

The deadline for the application is specified in the respective training description

Is it possible to make an internship abroad during my training?

Usually this is not required for the professions we offer training for.

What are the regulations for the working time of trainees?

Our trainees are also free to keep their working time flexible as long as they comply with the core working time. Normal working time is 35 hours per week.

How much pay do trainees at MAURER SE get?

We pay our trainees according to the tariff for trainees agreed upon through collective bargaining.

What are the chances of being employed at MAURER SE after the training?

100%. Together with the works council, the management decided to offer a fixed-term contract to all trainees having successfully completed training. After a probation period of six months, this contract is usually changed into a permanent contract. So, it’s up to you to show us what you are capable of through your commitment and your performance.

What are the professional chances once I have completed training at MAURER SE?

Your training at MAURER SE provides you with a solid professional and personal basis for your professional career. You have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge and experience to start working in the profession you have been trained for. As a renowned company, MAURER SE stands for long-term experience and high quality in training.

Questions regarding internship and theses

How long in advance should I apply for an internship or a thesis?

We recommend that you send in your application three months before you start your work at the latest.

What are the prerequisites to get an internship position or a position as a degree candidate for Bachelor, Master or diploma?

It is of particular importance in the first place that your field of study matches with the professional opportunities MAURER SE is offering. We are mainly looking for applicants from mechanical engineering and steel construction; however, constructional engineering is also interesting for us. Moreover, show us that you consider the time with us to be an opportunity to gain professional experience and to make a contribution to the success of MAURER SE by your work. Ultimately, the most relevant factors for us are your motivation and commitment.