Mexico: Optimum seismic protection for airport terminal

SIP-DR Special Bearings enable isolation from the subsoil and a short construction period of two and a half years.

Santa Lucía, Mexico. In the near Mexico City a new major airport is about to be built. To protect the huge terminal against earthquakes, it will be isolated from the subsoil by means of special sliding pendulum bearings – the largest isolated building in Latin America. MAURER delivered 473 bearings, and besides the optimum design of the seismic protection system, the delivery time presented a challenge: on October 17, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony took place, the seismic protection components were delivered in March 2020. The inauguration is scheduled for March 21, 2022.

Previously the military airport Santa Lucía was situated on the premises 40 km northeast from the center of Mexico City. Part of the existing structures can be reused for the new international airport Felipe Ángeles (AIFA), the construction costs of which amount to approx. 3.5 billion $. The tower featuring a height of 88m and the terminal 1, however, will be newly built. The trapezoid-shaped main building is attached to the long row of 38 gates. A mirror-imaged second terminal is planned for the second expansion stage, both terminals are to be connected by a shopping mall. Initially, 20 million passengers have been envisaged, in the final expansion up to 80 million. The longer one of the two runways will feature a length of 4.5 km, thus being sufficient even for the largest airliners.

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