19 MN horizontal forces require vertically Page 1 of 4 installed special bridge bearings

Pelješac Bridge, Croatia: Springs in the bearing core and special materialsensure long service life despite extreme loads through permanent contact of the sliding surfaces.

Munich, Pelješac. The Pelješac Bridge, situated at the picturesque Croatian coast, will become one of the most impressive cable-stayed bridges, however, it is politically controversial. From 2022, it is supposed to connect northern Croatia with the country’s south, in particular the region of Dubrovnik. Inbridge construction, however, seismic faults are by far more important thanpolitical upheaval: the region is an earthquake zone; thus, the bearings must be capable of accommodating large movements and high horizontal forces.
For this reason, half of the bearings have been installed vertically. To this end, MAURER developed a special solution to ensure that no gaps can arise betweenthe sliding surfaces. In this way, wear is reduced and a service life of at least 50 years can be achieved.

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