Noise-reduced expansion joints with special “tunneling”

New bridge in the city center of Gothenburg requires creativity and cooperation

Gothenburg. A streetcar running on a bridge is not uncommon. However, this presents a challenge in Gothenburg since long ramps lead to the bridge construction.The required expansion joints between the structural sections have to be watertight and noise-reduced and must be usable for all road users in the streetcar track area. MAURER developed a customized solution for the roadway expansion joints with a length of up to 43 m.

In the city center of Gothenburg, the Götaälvbron has been spanning the river Göta since 1939. The most important bridge of Gothenburg leads directly to the city center, but the bascule bridge will vanish soon. Only a few meters next to it, the Hisingsbron has been under construction since 2017, named after the island located north of the bridge. While the previous Götaälvbron with its huge clearance height gives the impression of a break in the city, the Hisingsbron which islower in height is intended to form part of a new urban life: with broad pedestrian paths, bikeways and scenic outlook areas as well as connections to theriverwalk. Fallow dockyard and port areas in the neighborhood are to become modern residential and shopping areas.

Architects Dissing+Weitling from Copenhagen won the architectural competition in 2013 with their design of a lift bridge. The main bridge featuring a length of 48 m can be uplifted by 28 m along four white pylons. Long ramp constructions lead to the bridge, partly equipped with two roadway levels. The ramps feature different cross sections, they provide up to five car traffic lanes, two streetcar tracks, four bikeways, two pedestrian ways and scenic view platforms. The total length of the bridge including access bridges is 460 m.

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